Discover Types of Food on Mauritius Holidays

Published: 17th June 2011
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The Indian Ocean does not only possess pristine seashores with crystal clear blue lagoons, but also has fantastic restaurants where you'll be able to enjoy local as well foreign cuisine. Amongst the most beneficial within the Indian Ocean will be the La Mediterranee Gigi Apartments & Restaurant in Mont Choisy. Offering wonderful Mediterranean Fusion cuisine. The Restaurant at Amanwella in Sri Lanka is another extremely popular restaurant that has glass walls, and has food accentuated with herbal plants. For some local colour in Sri Lanka, go to the Firefly in Sri Lanka.

Below here are also famous restaurants in Indian ocean

Some of the very best restaurants in the Indian Sea are located in Mauritius. The Spoon Des Iles in Mauritius is not only the simplest within the area, but is also regarded as amongst the best restaurants inside the earth. It is a French restaurant with great atmosphere and provides delicacies as excellent as a artwork. For the most effective Italian cuisine inside the place, go to Don Camillo that features a great setting and offers fabulous food. The great thing about the restaurant is the staff's efficiency and attentiveness. You can have a refreshing meals in the terrace of the restaurant that overlooks the gulf.

La Colombe in Mauritius is a restaurant that offers not only Chinese and Creole cuisine, but also great sea food and delicious food for the non-meat eaters too. The restaurant also provides live jams on saturdays and sundays which makes the eating encounter much more enjoyable. If you're a fan of sea food, you need to go to the Restaurant COIN de MIRE. You are able to enjoy fresh seafood along with a wonderful scene through the second floor of the restaurant.

Thaiphoon in Mauritius is a Thai restaurant which offers a beautiful ambience with an extensive menu. There is a huge selection of selections available, and you can enjoy a completely Thai experience while on vacation in Mauritius. For Indian delicacies in Mauritius, visit the Nirvana Indian cuisine that is a cosy and comfortable restaurant. The restaurant offers the best Indian food. For enjoying a wonderful sight with superb foods, check out the Varangue sur morne which mainly offers French delicacies.

Within the Indian Ocean, Seychelles has got many restaurants most of which offer you international cuisine, Apart from that, some also serve traditional dishes too. The astounding sea side location of the restaurants makes them even more luring. Most of the fantastic restaurants are those of hotels. However, there are also some restaurants which are not associated to any hotel. For absolutely spectacular buffets, you should go to the Frangipani Terrace Restaurant in Mauritius. The buffet offered every night has a different theme, and there is live music that completes the ambience.

The restaurants in Mauritius offer mostly Chinese, Indian, Creole, Italian, Japanese, and other international cuisine besides the local cuisine. About to swing into operation in December 2006, the destination spa covers 36 acres of land within the North of Mauritius at Mont Choisy. Nicely connected by air, the location offers a breathtaking view of the Indian Ocean unparalleled by traditional beaches. The clear blue green waters betray the heart of the ocean-bed that is dotted with coral reefs. The surroundings - densely wooded hills - are a welcome deviation from the concrete jungles we are used to.

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